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Nuvo Audio offer a variety of systems for reproduction to all your digital and other music sources. We install multi-room systems with ceiling speakers, supporting streaming of DAB radio, iPod music, digital music streamed from a central server, disc players ... each room selecting its own choice of source from a wall-mounted LCD or OLED keypad.

That’s one option. There are many configurations available; just let us know what you would like to have in your home.

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At the top of the hierarchy of NuVo wired systems is the Concerto amplifier. The Simplese is a more economical option, with the Essentia coming somewhere in between in terms of quality, versatility and cost. In addition, the Renovia is a range aimed specifically at power-line sound transmission. In addition to the central unit which defines the Renovia, Essentia and Concerto ranges, NuVo manufacture a variety of source devices which can be added to any of these systems. The source options consist of: Music Ports (digital servers); analogue, Internet and digital tuners; and docking devices for digital music players. There are a variety of control options, from computer-based software, to “apps” for devices such as the Apple iPad, to wall-mounted keypads. The quality and options available vary depending on which device is chosen for the heart of the system.




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