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The Knowledge Base is a collection of articles deriving from queries made to us from customers during the course of our work.

It will be added to as new enquiries crop up. In time, we hope this will amount to a useful reference point for those using our services or visiting our retail outlet.
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An explanation of the rating label found on many light fittings and other devices.

Help with identifying fluoroscent tubes, and explanation of some of the markings, codes and labels found on them.

A guide to the keypad operation of this multi-room audio system from manufacturer NuVo.

A short account of the NuVo MPS4 Music Port, a streaming device for multi-room audio, with facilities for Internet radio and digitally stored music.

Getting to grips with the energy-saving potential of LED tubes, vis-a-vis traditional fluorescent tubes.

An introduction to some of the advantages and features of fibre-optic cabling.

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